Condemned -- From San Quentin's death row, a convicted killer tells the gripping, tragic story of his life and crimes. When the day of his execution arrives, something extraordinary happens and the line between life and death isn't so clear. Director, Editor - Steven Biver Screenplay - Legrand McMullen Actor - Daniel Wyland Electronic Score - Gina Biver Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer - Evan Benjamin Producers - Legrand McMullen and Steven Biver A Matching Sweaters Productions ©2015

Poetry Stalled, the latest from our creative collective Matching Sweaters Productions, is a dark comedy short with actor Tom Kearney as Ted Jackson.    PLEASE USE THE PASSWORD ps22

In the spirit of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock mysteries, short film Bird Call tells the story of a common, unnoticed sign that contains a simple message with a grave outcome. When finally realized, it strikes terror of what's unavoidably to come.

Score for Chambers promotional video, directed by Steven Biver

Southwest Baltimore Charter School -  This is an outreach video for a wonderful charter school in Baltimore.  

Rising Forests - This is an promotional outreach video for the environmental group Earth Sangha.  I have known Lisa and Chris Bright for many years and it was a pleasure to offer this to them.  My husband Steve went to the Dominican Republic with Chris and Matt Bright for a week and shot the footage while living among the tree bank farmers.

Mouth Party Caramels - This is a promotional video short for an amazing caramel company in Baltimore, MD.  The refurbished machine they use for the wrapping of the caramels is from the mid 20th century.

William and Mary Scholarship Fund  - This was one of several videos that were produced for use at the college's scholarship luncheon, visitors bureau and W&M website.

Genesee Valley  - This is a promotional piece featured on the Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center website.

Steven Biver, Director, Demo Reel 2013.  Directed and edited by Steven Biver.  Scored by his wife, me :-)

Music and Arts Centers -  This was one of six videos I scored the Music and Arts Center's "Be who you want, play what you want" contest and ad campaign. 


Skating Still (animation by Bryan Leister)  - This is a fine art animation. Artist Bryan Leister created the animation using Max/MSP.  Skating Still video click here

Pen Pals  - This movie was made by Sprezzatura Media as part of the 2008 Panasonic HD Shoot-out.  It was shot on a Panasonic HPX500 and edited in Adobe Premiere, all in under 48 hours (barely).  I was scoring it as it was being shot - having only 48 hours to finish the whole video - I had to work with rough edits, ideas and estimations.  It was loads of fun.  Directed by Stephen Guidry. Pen Pals video click here

Dead, White and Blue  - This short film was also part of the 48 Hour Film Project's International Shoot-out 2009. That means it was created, shot, edited and scored in less than 48 hours.  Check out the music on the credit roll - it was very cool to work with Stephen Guidry's animations.  This was also screened at the 2009 Miami International Film Festival.  Dead, White and Blue video click here