Nightingale (2017), for SATB choir, flute, violin, cello, bass. Judith Hillman, Lew Furr, sopranos; Earleen Barnes, Ginny Krauss, Elizabeth Beam, altos; George Deaton, Dave Lackey, tenors; Paul Berry, Bob Dey, Larry Hubbard, basses; Mary Siachames, flute; Kevin Zhang, violin; Jerry Ji, cello; Zachary Denning, bass. Premiered at Highland United Methodist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina April 2, 2017. 

Girl, Walking (2014) for electric guitar, flute, contrabass and found percussion, performed by Fuse Ensemble at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington DC November 7, 2014. Gina Biver, guitar, Jennifer Lapple, flute, Ethan Foote, contrabass, Martha Haines, percussion

The Cellar Door (2011) for piano, cello and 4-channel audio, performed by Verge Ensemble at the Corcoran Gallery of Art's Armand Hammer Auditorium, April 2011. Jenny Lin, piano; Tobias Werner, cello

Mirror (2012) for piano, violin and spoken word.  Poem by Colette Inez. Performed by Fuse Ensemble at UMBC's Live Wire 4 new music festival.  Ina Mirtcheva, piano, Greg Hiser, violin, Martha Haines and Gina Biver spoken word. 

Big Skate (2009) for flute, clarinet, two violins, contrabass, guitar, piano, cajon, hand percussion, performed by Jennifer Lapple, flute, Lina Bahn, violin, Greg Hiser, violin, Angela Murakami, clarinet, Jason Thompson, contrabass, Gina Biver, guitar, Martha Haines, piano, Krista Siachames, percussion     

Unhinge (2007) for flute, two violins, synthesizer, performed by Jennifer Lapple, flute, Lina Bahn, violin, Greg Hiser, violin, Martha Haines, synth

hOles in the Wall (2010) for two toy pianos, performed by Gina Biver

Carol Broke a Dish (2005) for clarinet, alto saxophone, electric guitar, violin, piano, percussion and pre-recorded electronics. Performed by Lisa Kachouee, clarinet, Colin Killalea, saxophone, Gina Biver electric guitar, Kris Miller, violin, Martha Haines, piano, Dan Heagney, percussion 

Be Ground  (2005) for improvised vocal, synthesizer, drum kit, vocal andy synth performed by Gina Biver, drums programmed by Gina Biver

Train (2007) for two marimbas and synthesizer, performed by Krista Siachames and Marshall Maley, marimbas, Martha Haines synthesizer

Silence, 2005, for percussion ensemble (glockenspiel, marimba, conga, doumbek, bongos), audio and three male voices, performed live by M3E  

Infiltration of Memory (2010) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, contrabass, piano, vibraphone, percussion and processed wind-up toys.  Performed by Fuse Ensemble: Jennifer Lapple, flute, Angela Murakami, clarinet, Greg Hiser, violin, Pam Clem, cello, Jason Thompson, contrabass, Martha Haines, piano, Marshall Maley, vibraphone, Krista Siachames, percussion. Recorded live at Sonic Circuits DC

Skating Still, (2006) for violin, clarinet, electronics.  Kris Miller, violin, Lisa Kachouee, clarinet, Gina Biver, electronics