Part VI   Jean-Jacques, Nerac and Auvillar


I immensely enjoy corresponding with Colette’s cousin Jean-Jacques, who is gracious and friendly and quite an amazing writer! I told him of my Artist Residency at Auvillar, France (through the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts or VCCA), and he invited me to stay in their family residence (the home of Colette’s mother Marthe) in Nerac, a very short drive from Auvillar. I was speechless, and so grateful for the opportunity to meet him, and to stay and begin writing the piece there in Nerac. I will spend my first nine days at the Dulong home, and then move on to the Moulin a Nef Artist Residency for the remainder of my stay.

If you want to check out the Moulin a Nef Artist Residency in Auvillar, France, here’s the link:

The story will continue on August 2, 2018, when I arrive in Nerac...