Finishing Nimbus

I'm in my last couple of days of residency at Moulin a Nef, and it has been a wonderful and productive stay. All seven miniatures (each piece about two minutes) that will make up the larger work entitled Nimbus, are composed, and ready for (much) fine tuning. 

Before I left Nerac and my lovely hosts (Colette's cousin Jean-Jacques and his friend Anne Veaute), I was saddened to get a call from New York, where I learned that Saul Stadtmauer, Colette's husband of fifty years, died after a short illness. I had spoken with him just before I left for France and am glad I had the opportunity to tell him how very grateful I was that he connected me with Colette's family in Nerac and that I was able to compose Nimbus in the home where her mother, sister Jeanne and grandparents had lived.