To view live performance videos and animated films, click on the links below.

Fuse Ensemble presents Nimbus, by Gina Biver, with poetry by Colette Inez and live video by Ethan Jackson, at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church, Washington DC April 6, 2019

Fuse Ensemble presents Nimbus, by Gina Biver, with poetry by Colette Inez and live video by Ethan Jackson at Georgetown University’s Friday Music Series, Washington, DC April 5, 2019

The Cellar Door, for piano, cello and 4-channel audio, is performed here by Ina Mirtcheva and Pam Clem at the 2016 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF)

Fuse Ensemble performs Voices of the Depths, Musings on C.G.Jung's Red Book at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, January 2013

Mirror, performed by Fuse Ensemble at the FIrehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY 2012. Ina Mirtcheva, piano, Greg Hiser, violin, Gina Biver and Martha Haines spoken word.  Poetry by the lovely Colette Inez

Big Skate, premiere, Gildenhorn Speisman Center for the Arts, Rockville, MD. Performed by plash Ensemble: Jennifer Lapple,  flute, Rob Vitale Clarinet, Greg Hiser, violin, Nick Wilson violin, Martha Haines percussion, Dan Heagney Udu, GIna BIver guitar improvisation. Video by Edgar Endress, Art Installation by Howard Connelly

Skating Still, originally written for the International 60X60 Project 2006, is broadcast/performed here in sync  with the kinetic sculpture of Howard Connelly. Performed at the Kreeger Auditorium of the Gildenhorn Speisman Center for the Arts in Rockville, MD.  Watch it here.

Skating Still, with the original Max/MSP/Jitter animation, created by Bryan Leister

Temporal Interference, a project with media artist Bryan Leister, choreographer Jane Franklin and myself.  See the premiere here at The Warehouse Space, Washington DC

On May 16, 2007 at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage, Jane Franklin Dance presented In Hiding, a dance performance featuring the music Gina Biver and projected animations by Becky Heavner Temporal Interference, a collaboration with new media artist Bryan Leister, Jane Franklin and Gina Biver was also performed. Watch the Performance.

Fuse Ensemble performed at the John F. Kennedy Center as part of their CrossCurrents contemporary music festival on May 6th 2009. Click here to watch.

Fuse Ensemble was featured in a new film entitled: “Alt-Classical.” The Video, created by Mike Kravinsky, can be seen here